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James Frazier

Upcoming Events 

Nov. 10, 2018
Chicago, IL

One Day Holotropic Breathwork
on Nov. 10  8 am-9 pm
Cost $185
Sold Out

NST practitioners who have completed my two year Neo-Shamanic training program. 

For those of you who like the one day events do not worry as I now have five graduates of my two year training program who will be taking over this leadership. All are very experienced and well trained in breathwork. They are all extremely competent and I could not be more pleased with their commitment and hard work to become certified in my Neo-Shamanic Training program. This intensive training combines a comprehensive breathwork facilitator training with a deep engagement of both Jungian and Neo-Jungian models of the psyche as well as an understanding of Shamanism and Neo-Shamanic sensibilities. 
I will be sending another email to properly introduce them but for now here is their contact information. Please contact them to get on their mail list so you can be notified of their events. 

Suzanne Larson
(815) 494-8398
Eubank, KY. 

Maureen Legros
(262) 424-0175
Muskego WI 

Ben Goldberger
1 (773) 610-8510
Chicago, Illinois

Chi Strathmann
(847) 767-7478
Elgin, Illinois

Blake Mclemore
(309) 289-2121
Peoria, IL and Chicago

The Quest 
Closed Group for  4 weekends 

Additionally, I will be offering a four weekend program (Saturday and Sunday) spread out about two-three months between the weekends. This group will be limited in size and is a closed group so the same people will be present at each weekend. Over the years, I have offered these groups using breath work and other modalities for personal growth work; it is my favorite way to experience this process. The closed group allows for an even deeper experience since you would not be coming into a new group with every workshop. The central theme for this group will be exploring the methods and symbolism of "The Eternal Quest: Our Search for The Soul" subtitled "Why psychological development is so important for spiritual growth". Using Breathwork, myth imagination, art, and film we will be exploring what some would say is the greatest of all developmental tasks and the one that brings the deepest meaning to our life.